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Injured on the Job?

Our Firm Is Here to Fight for Your Rights. Our Experienced Labor Lawyers and Attorneys Won’t Stop Fighting Till We Get You The Compensation You

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Injured on the Job?

Our Firm Is Here to Fight for Your Rights. Our Experienced Labor Lawyers and Attorneys Won’t Stop Fighting Till We Get You The Compensation You

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The Workers Compensation Attorney Group

Regrettably, accidents at work are very common: a back injury from lifting heavy boxes, respiratory infection from exposure to chemicals, or carpal tunnel syndrome from years of typing. There are many forms of workplace accidents and injuries and when they do happen, employees are entitled to workers’ compensation to help with medical bills and lost wages. California workers’ compensation laws allow workers who are injured while on the job to obtain several benefits depending on the injury suffered. These may include:

  • Medical benefits

  • Permanent partial disability benefits

  • Permanent total disability benefits

  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits

  • Wage reimbursement benefits

However, individuals who've been involved in workplace-related incidents often have to face unfair treatment and denial of the monetary compensation and medical attention they’re entitled to. Many are the times when injured employees and their families don’t really know what they should do to defend their rights and get the compensation they need. It can be quite daunting and confusing to deal with the difficult judicial system and the bothersome insurance companies, leaving the injured worker feeling hopeless and frustrated, especially at a time when they should be focusing on recovering.

If you’ve been injured at work, hiring a dedicated and aggressive worker’s comp lawyer will give you a much better chance of getting the compensation you’re entitled to. The experienced Long Beach lawyers at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group are here to help. We can defend your rights and get you the financial benefits and medical treatment you need and deserve. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group Long Beach, we understand how to take your case and push it successfully through the complicated legal system. We have decades of experience and are very familiar with the stress and feelings of fear, worry, and hopelessness you’re dealing with after suffering an injury on the job. We’ll do what’s best for you and commit our time and resources towards negotiating the deal for you and securing your financial benefits. Contact us at 714-716-5933 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and case review.

5 Things You Should Know About California’s Workers’ Compensation

  • Fault Isn’t an Issue in Most Cases

    The workers’ compensation system in California is considered a “no-fault” system. This means that it’s rarely necessary to show who was at fault in causing the injury when filing a workers’ comp claim. With a few exceptions, the law relieves injured workers of the responsibility of showing who caused their work-related injury and how it was their fault. However, just because it is a no-fault system doesn’t mean that employees have the freedom to injure themselves or act recklessly, and then collect benefits. If an employee is injured on the job as a result of illegal drug use of intoxication, benefits may not be payable.

  • Injured Workers Must Promptly Report to Their Employer

    If you’ve been hurt on the job, the first thing you should immediately contact your employer and act quickly to protect your rights. California has strict limits on the time that you should report your injury to your employer and file a workers’ compensation claim. You typically have up to 30 days from the time you were or developed a work-related medical condition to report to your employer. Taking immediate action is also the quickest way to get the financial benefits you deserve. If an occupational disease or injury developed overtime, you out to report that to your employee as soon as you realize that it is related to your work.

  • Most Workers’ Compensation Disputes Settle

    Insurance claims adjusters for workers’ compensation usually cite common reasons to deny benefits or refuse to pay the full value of a claim. The excuses include:

    • The employee has no injury
    • The injury was not work-related
    • The employee failed to follow the stipulated procedure
    • The employee is exaggerating the disability that caused by the injury

    To be able to fight and win against these claim adjusters, an injured employee may consider seeking legal representation from an experienced Long Beach The Workers Compensation Attorney Group. Most cases settle through negotiations and out of the court. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we’re always prepared to present injured workers before a judge if the insurance company continues to be unreasonable.

  • An Employee Can Receive Benefits Even if the Injury Occurred Outside of the Workplace

    An injury is covered if it arises out of or occurs within the scope of employment. For instance, if an employee is requested by the employer to run an errand that takes him/her outside of the workplace, an injury may be covered if the worker sustains an injury in the course of running that errand. Similarly, compensation may be appropriately paid if an employee is on a business trip and is injured in the hotel where he/she is staying. Exceptions may apply if the employee has stopped or deviated from the business errand to attend to his/her own personal issues.

  • Employees Cannot be Retaliated Against or Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

    California law offers protection to workers if they’re dismissed by their employer after being injured on the job. In addition, the law protects workers if they are retaliated against or fired for filing a workers’ comp claim. If retaliated against or terminated, the employee may have a separate case against their employer. It may be unlawful for an employer to fail to prevent an employee from returning to work when their condition is stable and they are able to work again. If you’ve been retaliated against or fired by your employer, we can assess the facts related to the case and circumstances of the termination and accordingly advise you on whether you’re entitled to obtain damages for the employer’s actions.

How We Operate

The attorneys and claim adjusters working with your employer and the insurance provider do not have your best interests at heart and won’t hesitate to provide reasons and reject your bonafide results. Here’s what we at the law offices of Worker’s Compensation Attorney can do to tilt the scales in your favor.

  • Developing Evidence

    Insufficient vocational and medical evidence is perhaps the most common reason for the denial of workers’ comp benefits. With strong medical evidence to support your claim, you’re more likely to receive all the benefits you need and deserve. We can help you develop medical evidence by:

    • Recommending or arranging treatment with certain healthcare providers
    • Obtaining your medical records
    • Obtaining medical opinions from your treating doctors
    • Conducting depositions of medical experts
    • Representing you when a deposition has been requested

    We can also collect evidence showing your employer’s history of lack of training or poor workplace safety, testimony from a vocational expert, and statements from your loved ones.

  • Structuring and Negotiating Settlement Agreements

    When it comes to negotiating with your employer’s insurer, our Long Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorneys have the benefit of being in a position to estimate the amount of benefits you should receive based. We understand the negotiating tactics and tricks employed by most insurance companies and can be able to engage in productive negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. Also, we can avoid negative consequences down the road by ensuring that your settlement agreement is correctly drafted.

  • Representing You in a Hearing or Trial

    If you cannot reach a settlement with your employer’s insurance company, your case will proceed to a hearing or trial before a judge. During the investigation process, your Long Beach Workers’ Compensation Injury Attorney may perform legal research, request your medical records, take depositions of witnesses, prepare your pleadings, and ensure that every file or document is submitted in a timely manner.

  • Counsel You on Other Potential Benefits

    In addition to a workers’ compensation claim, you may also have a personal injury claim against a third party whose negligence contributed to or caused your injury. We can also advise you about your potential eligibility for benefits such as wage reimbursement, vocational rehabilitation assistance, Social Security disability, state short-term disability, and long-term disability insurance benefits.

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Our Philosophy

At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group (Long Beach, CA), we believe that our clients should receive the best legal representation. For this reason, we leave no stone unturned as we take on a case and pursue justice for our clients through the California workers’ compensation system. We’re committed to contributing to the wellbeing and happiness of affected families and to our personal growth. Our team is committed is to quality and getting outcomes that have a positive impact on our clients using a benevolent and creative approach. We treat every client with respect and handle every case with the goal of looking after our client’s best interests.

The worker’s comp system should a viable and effective tool for all injured workers and not just for the well-connected and wealthy. We’re your champions and ready to work for you. We understand the system and know what you’re entitled to. We also believe that client service matters. We have a strong commitment to our attorney-client relationship. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we’re committed to expertise, excellence, integrity, accessibility, and responsiveness.

A workers’ compensation claim in California can be filed if an injury causes the employee to miss work or requires more than first aid. The employer is obligated to have certain notices and forms regarding the employee’s right to workers’ comp benefits. Under Labor Code Section 5400, the injured worker must provide their employer with a written notice within 30 days of the injury. The employer is then required to provide the employee with a Claim Form within one working day of receiving a notice. The employee will fill out the claim form and return it to the employer who will also have a section to fill out before sending it to the insurance company.

Once the insurer receives a claim, they’re required to provide the employee with notices that state their rights with regards to the claim. Once the claim form has been filed, the insurer has 90 days to accept or deny the claim. The injury is accepted if they do not decide within those days. The insurance company may have you evaluated by a doctor, question you under oath in a legal deposition, or obtain records or your prior employment or medical treatment through a subpoena.

Before the insurer makes the final decision, they’re obligated to provide medical treatment not exceeding $10,000 even if they eventually deny the claim. If a claim is denied, the employee will receive a Notice of Denial of the claim. The statute of limitations to appeal the denial is one year from the date of the denial letter.

The Workers Compensation Attorney Difference

  • Personalized client attention and care: Each client is provided with personalized service and utmost support required from our legal team. Also, each case is handled by an experienced attorney.
  • Knowledgeable: With extensive years of experience dealing with worker’s comp claims, we know the tactics that insurance companies employ to deny and delay valid claims.
  • A track record of superior results: Our legal team has years of experience handling some of the most intricate cases, and a track record of achieving favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients. We have attorneys who have earned the designation of Super Lawyers by the legal industry and their peers.
  • Aggressive attorneys: The opposing parties will do all they can to take advantage of injured employees. But we offer aggressive representation to fight for the compensation you deserve.
  • Compassionate: One of the main reasons we provide workers’ comp representation for the injured is the human element. We understand what you and your family are going through and we’ll always be appreciative of your situations and your confidence.




We Represent a Full Range of Workers Compensation Injuries

Employers in California are obligated to provide reasonably healthy and safe work environments for their employees. In some cases, however, accidents on the job may occur even when every effort has been made to ensure the safety of a workplace. According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds and these injuries are preventable. Typical workplace-related injuries include everything from occupational illnesses; broken bone; soreness or pain; psychological injuries; aggravation of pre-existing conditions; cuts, laceration, or punctures; and sprains, strains, and tears. These may be caused by contact with objects and equipment, machine entanglement, overexertion, vehicle accidents, falling objects, falling from heights, on the job violent acts, as well as slips, trips, and falls.

Obtaining workers’ compensation in California can be incredibly complex. Your employer is involved. The state is involved. Your employer’s insurance carrier is involved. Your family doctor is involved. The insurance company’s doctor is involved. The knowledgeable lawyers at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group can help you understand all of the possible benefits and properly file a claim. If, after filing your workers’ compensation claim, you feel that your employer’s insurance carrier is unreasonably delaying or denying your benefits, we can defend your claim and help you get the benefits and treatment you deserve.

While employees in almost every occupation face the possibility of being injured on the job, railroad workers face a greater risk because of the dangerous nature of the railroad work. Some of the most common hazards facing railroad employees include falling from moving railway vehicles, electrocution, being struck by objects during railroad repair or construction, losing a limb caught in machinery, exposure to toxic chemical, and being struck by a moving train. These catastrophes can lead to broken bones and neck/back injuries, and in severe incidents, the injuries can result in death.

Most railroad workers are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. For this reason, the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) was passed to offer railroad workers with rights and protection regarding their ability to receive compensation for injuries. If the FELA claim is successful, the injured employee may be able to obtain compensation for his/her medical treatment, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The family of a railroad worker who dies as a result of an employer’s negligence is also eligible for damages. We can help determine if you have a case and whether you’re eligible for compensation for your railroad injury.

Back and neck injuries are extremely painful and severely impact your ability to competently perform your job duties. It’s almost unimaginable to work with a whiplash, sciatica, or herniated disk. Back and neck injuries can occur in any type of employment setting, from manual blue-collar jobs to white-collar jobs. Back and neck injuries can occur suddenly after a vehicle accident or fall. However, such injuries usually occur over time as a result of moving heavy objects, repeated lifting, or any job that involves twisting and bending.

Employees with a neck or back injury may find that it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact source of pain. The employer or insurer may quick to claim that the injury was not related to a workplace injury, especially if there was a similar pre-existing condition. If you’ve suffered a neck or back injury, it’s important for you to immediately seek medical attention and report your current injury to your employer. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we fight aggressively injured workers and their families. We know how to deal with employers, insurance companies, and doctors. We’ll work hard to ensure you receive the money you need to fully recover.

Hand, arm, and wrist injuries can be debilitating and prevent you from being able to work or perform everyday tasks for a significant period of time. From the smallest laceration to the most severe amputation, hand injury can be devastating in numerous ways. Hand injuries do not only happen to individuals who mostly work on a computer and they aren’t limited to jobs that require physical labor and heavy lifting.

Regardless of the extent of your hand injury or the level of complexity of your claim, the law office of The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is here to help and provide guidance. We handle workers’ comp claims with employees who’ve suffered hand injuries, including muscle tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist injuries, elbow injuries, broken fingers/bones, and repetitive motion injuries. Other types include tendinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, tenosynovitis, trigger finger, and hand-arm vibration.

Whether your hand injury resulted from a single accident or developed over time from too much stress, your employer is responsible for paying you compensation. We advocate for this justice for you.

A sudden blow to the head can happen in every workplace from a downtown office to a construction site. An injury on the head can have a significant impact on the injured worker’s life. Side effects of workplace head injuries include speech problems, chronic headaches, brain damages, sensory loss or impairment, paralysis or loss of feeling, impaired functional or physical ability, and memory or cognitive function loss. Accurately diagnosing and treating head injuries is extremely time-consuming and complex. Extensive medical treatment may be necessary and it may become too handle simple job responsibilities.

If you or a loved one has sustained a work-related head injury, it’s important to work with an experienced Long Beach attorney who can help you understand your rights and guide you through the complex worker’ compensation process. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we help injured workers maximize the amount of workers’ compensation benefits they recover in their case. We take a personal interest in every client and work to eliminate the stress that results from being injured by tackling all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim.

Many workplaces in Long Beach are noisy and have the potential to cause hearing loss. Employers are required to provide their workers with hearing protection equipment and continuously monitor the decibel level. But we still have hearing loss workers’ compensation claims being filed every year in their thousands. Workplace injuries such as hearing loss can cause loss but the injured workers may still be able to perform their job duties. They may have partial deafness that would require a hearing aid and would significantly impact the employee’s quality of life. Such injuries do not specifically fall into the traditional disability categories.

If you’ve suffered a sudden or gradual hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises in your workplace or as a result of a workplace injury, you may be entitled to benefits under California workers’ compensation laws. Time is of the essence in such cases and you should act quickly to ensure you don’t forfeit your rights to compensation. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group we can help you submit the required credentials and defend your claim to ensure you get the medical and financial benefits you deserve.

An injury to your knee, ankle, or foot can dramatically impact your quality of life and ability to work or handle daily tasks. Whether you strain the soft tissue, injure the knee, or break your leg, you may not be able to perform your duties for weeks or months. Regrettably, these types of injuries are common in the workplace. They can cause extreme pain or debilitation and may require surgical procedures and physical therapy to minimize the pain and fix the problem. In addition, the injured worker may be forced to miss significant amounts of time from work.

Knee, ankle, or foot injuries can be caused by a number of reasons, including a significant trauma to the area or a slip and fall. Also, they can develop overtime as a result of repetitive assignments. If you’ve injured your knee, ankle, or foot while on the job or due to the negligence of a third party, you are entitled to pursue compensation. You can trust the aggressive and seasoned lawyers at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group Long Beach to relentlessly advocate for your rights and leave no stone unturned.

Shoulder and elbow injuries in the workplace usually result from repetitive pulling, lifting, reaching or carrying items or even caused by accidents such as machine malfunction of a slip and fall. Examples of acute elbow and shoulder injuries include shoulder dislocation, bone fractures and breaks, elbow hyperextension, rotator cuff tears, and ulnar nerve contusion.

When such injuries develop over time due to repetitive stress motions, they can be hard to diagnose as they usually come and go. Injured workers may also wonder how the injuries came to be. It’s important to make detailed notes about your condition if you feel that it was caused by your assigned duties. Consider seeking immediate medical attention and report to your supervisor or employer. Your employer may attribute your shoulder or elbow injury to something that’s not related to your work in order to deny your claim. Don’t accept this erroneous diagnosis and don’t delay. Turn to a Long Beach The Workers Compensation Attorney Group for help in getting compensated for your repetitive injury motion. We’re driven to fight for the rights of our clients and ensure that they’re treated right by their employer and the insurance company.

At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group we understand that construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in Long Beach. With the materials that professionals in this industry use, the heights, unpredictable weather conditions, and the way the process is managed by the employers, hazards can pop up at any time. And when they do, the outcome can be tragic. Common causes of construction-site accidents include falling objects, ladder and scaffolding falls, collapsed roofs, lifting or straining, defective machinery, construction vehicle accidents, uncovered holes or trenches, and defective machinery. The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is dedicated to helping victims of construction accidents in Long Beach. We can walk you through your legal options and put our experience to work for you. We can hold the party or parties responsible for the accident and the unsafe conditions of the site to get the compensation you’re entitled to. At The Workers Compensation Attorney Group, we can make sure to expedite the claims process in a timely manner and fight aggressively for your rights.

Workers in many diverse industries are exposed to toxic chemicals, including employees at hospitals, hotels, as well as housekeepers. Toxic-chemical exposure can cause chemical burns, asthma, rashes, cancer, and other different injuries and health issues. From chemical spills or other accidents, injuries resulting from exposure to chemical or toxic materials can cause injuries that may be permanent or may take months or years to overcome. A common issue with chemical exposure is that many employers fail to adequately train their employees in proper hazmat practices, resulting in unqualified and innocently ignorant employees being exposed to hazards. An employer may be held liable for damages and negligence in cases involving toxic chemical exposure. The experienced Long Beach lawyers at The Workers Compensation Attorney Group can help you understand your options and receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

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