In the workplace, accidents are common and may happen when you least expect it. You might injure your back while lifting heavy boxes or fall off a ladder and break your arm. A workers compensation attorney helps people who suffer injuries while on the job to seek compensation for their injuries. Many employers and insurers try to escape responsibility for injuries that workers suffer while at work. A workers compensation attorney helps victims by facilitating their communication with the insurance and medical staff. An attorney also helps victims to fill out the relevant paperwork before filing a workers' compensation claim.

While working as a workers compensation attorney, you will always be busy, and handling phone calls can be challenging. Some of the tasks that you have to perform are:

  • Conducting legal research
  • Gathering medical records and other medical evidence for your clients
  • Conducting discovery
  • Drafting findings of facts, pleadings, opinions, briefs, and other crucial legal documents
  • Taking depositions of physicians, medical experts, claimants, and other parties

An attorney may not be able to perform all the outlined tasks and still receive the phone. This is where a professional phone answering service comes in. Over the last few years, professional phone answering services have grown tremendously in the United States. Many businesses, including law firms, have realized the crucial role that phone answering services play. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy by having a phone answering service for your workers' compensation law firm are:

Answering Your Legal Calls in the Right Manner

There is more to answering the phone than picking the receiver. Answering the phone in the right manner is a skill. Therefore, you should only have a professional handle the phone calls in your legal firm. You want to create a great image for your workers' compensation law firm. You can do this by having someone with the necessary call expertise handle all the phone calls. Call agents go through comprehensive training to ensure that they have the necessary skills to answer calls professionally. The agents will work hand-in-hand with you in developing customized scripts to make the call answering process seamless. Professional answering services will bring expertise and professionalism to your legal firm.

Makes your Legal Clients Feel Valued

With so many workers' compensation law firms available, the only way to create differentiation is by ensuring that you uphold a high level of customer service. Since workers compensation firms offer the same services, it might be difficult to offer customers a unique product. The products and services that your legal firm is offering are probably the same as those of your competitors. However, it is possible to create unique customer service. Exceptional customer service will make your legal firm stand out from other firms. Professional answering service helps to improve your customer service and help your legal firm stand out.

In addition to answering your calls professionally, an answering service will help you extend your business hours. The agents will reduce hold times and answer the customers' phone calls within three rings. All these factors will help to improve the level of customer service. It will be much easier for clients to get in touch with you whenever they need legal help or to make an inquiry.

Enhance In-house Legal Staff Satisfaction

If the staff at your legal firms has to perform the office duties and still answer the phone, they may feel frustrated and demotivated. More and more businesses are moving towards a flexible working culture that does not involve stressing and overworking staff. By relieving your staff of the burden of handling phone calls, you will enhance their satisfaction, which will enhance their performance. You want your clients to receive undivided attention whenever they visit your law firm. A customer might feel neglected if the staff has to keep them waiting to answer the phone.

The answering agents will handle all the phone calls and only route the calls to you or your staff when necessary. The call agents will take the time to understand your workers' compensation law firm. This will enable agents to answer basic questions regarding your firm.

You Will Not Miss a Single Call from your Legal Clients

With professional answering services, you will not miss a single phone call from your clients. Even when you and your staff go home after work, your lines will still be open. Clients work too and maybe occupied during work hours. Clients may only be free to call your firm and make inquiries after work hours. You have to ensure that you are available whenever clients call. By being available on the phone at all times, you will provide better customer service to your clients and win more business.

We currently live in 24/7 cultures. You can't confine your clients' calls to the 9 am to 5 pm timeline. Your law firm's website is always open to customers, and customers can make inquiries at any time of day or night. You risk losing business if you can answer clients' calls at all times. With a professional service, you can market your legal services by informing your existing and potential clients that your lines are open 24/7. Customers are likely to choose you over the competition if they know that they can always call your firm at any time of day or night.

The chances are that other workers' compensation law firms in your locality are already using professional answering services. The only way to remain at par or exceed your competitors is by working with a professional answering service. Every missed call from a client often translates to lost business. Many people hate leaving messages on automated answering machines. You should not risk having an automated machine instead of professional call agents. Immediately a client calls, and the phone goes to voice mail, and they are likely to hang up and call another attorney.

No Need to Hire and Train New In-house Legal Staff

A professional call answering service eliminates the need to hire and train new staff. It is much more affordable to hire professional answering services than to employ more staff to handle phone calls at your legal firm. You will be able to control the expenses that come with hiring and training new employees. A call answering service will help eliminate the need for hiring a receptionist or an admin. You can free up some funds to grow other areas of your legal firm. You will also avoid the cost and frustration of hiring the wrong person for your business.

Hiring in-house workers can be stressful because you have to consider many factors. For instance, you have to consider whether the workers will be working full time or part-time. You also have to consider other factors like the workers' wages, experience, and benefits, among other things. You have to ensure that the employees you hire will uphold the same values and customer service that your business is known for. After hiring new staff at your legal firm, you have to put in a lot of time and money in training the new workers to ensure that they do the work well. Choosing professional answering services will save you the stress of hiring training new staff to handle your calls.

Boosts your Law Firm's Profitability

The best way to increase your legal firm's profitability is to ensure that you do not miss any sales calls. When you partner with a professional answering service, you will not miss the opportunity of selling your products to potential customers on the phone. A professional answering service will generate leads for your business and help you win more clients in your firm. Compared to spending thousands of dollars on marketing your workers' compensation firm, it is much more affordable to use an answering service.

A professional answering service will boost your productivity even when you are sleeping. It would be great to keep your legal firm open at all times. However, this is not possible, and you and your staff have to close the office and go home at some point. An answering service will boost your profitability and expand your work hours even when your in-house employees are not at work. Even when you sleep, you will always have a live person handling all your phone calls. Your clients will not know that they are taking to call agents. They will think they are dealing with your employees.

Add a Personal Touch to Every Call

What will make people keep coming back to your workers' compensation law firm? The biggest factor that will make people keep coming back to you is your personality and how you connect with them. If your legal firm has a personality, clients will feel like they know you, trust you, and want to work with you. The process of claiming compensation after suffering injuries in the workplace can be lengthy and tedious. Clients want to know that they can always call you for guidance and encouragement. Clients will feel more comfortable to work with you if they can always call your firm at any time and receive assistance. However, if clients call your line and it goes to voice mail, they will assume that you might not be available when they need you the most.

How do you build the personality of your legal firm? The personality of your firm comes with having conversations with real people. Your law firm will have no personality if a client calls and they encounter an answering machine. However, when clients call your law firm, and a real person answers the phone, this will build your firm's personality and help you create strong bonds with your clients.

A Calm Work Environment in your Law Firm

Your legal office may turn out to be chaotic if phones are always ringing and your employees keep running up and down to answer the phones. When your employees are working, you need them to focus on the job at hand. The noise of the ringing phones or your staff having to stop serving clients to answer the phone can create a chaotic work environment. The clients who visit your firm and experience the chaos may never want to visit your office again. However, you do not have to worry about the distractions by phone calls when you have a professional call answering service. You will have peace of mind by knowing that teams of customer service experts are managing all your phone calls.

Scheduling Appointments

It can be challenging to schedule appointments and manage your calendar, especially when you are busy handling your clients' cases. Many clients will call your law firm to book appointments. If you fail to answer the phone, some clients will visit your office without appointments while others will go to other law firms. A professional answering service will schedule appointments on your behalf.

The agents will evaluate your calendar and schedule client appointments while still leaving you some time to unwind. The professional call agents will also re-schedule and cancel appointments. You will not have to worry about appointments since you will have a team of experts handling your business. You will be able to focus your attention on what you do best, helping your clients claim workers' compensation benefits.

Your Callers will be Sure that You Got Their Messages

Whenever you reach someone's voice mail, and you start to speak at the beep, you can't quite be sure that the person you were calling received your message. Sometimes, you can't even tell whether the machine recorded your message or you wasted time talking to yourself. However, you are always sure that your message has reached the intended recipient with a professional answering service. The clients who call your law firm will be confident that you have received their messages because they will speak to a live person.

The answering agents will act as filters to all the incoming phone calls. They will help you handle all the routine inquiries and only route calls that require your attention. The live agents will ensure that they dispatch urgent messages to you immediately while the less important calls can wait.

An answering service will help your business look more polished. Not everyone is good at answering phone calls. There is an advantage of having professionals handling all your phone calls.